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Review: “Moses’ Self-Denial”

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Moses’ Self-Denial

Jeremiah Burroughs

Reformation Heritage Books, 2010, 160pp., cloth, $22 / £16.99

ISBN 9781601780942

This volume is a slow burner, but it is worth waiting for the show to begin, because the momentum builds and the pay-off is eminently worth your patient engagement. Following an introduction giving a sketch of Moses’ circumstances and decisions, the bulk of the book is composed of three sections. In the first, Burroughs suggests that all honours and delights are to be denied for Christ (the language sounds absolute, but Burroughs is more nuanced); in the second, he presses further, teaching that – like Moses – we must deny worldly pleasures and preferments in our prime, when they might be most fully enjoyed. As would be expected, Burroughs gives uses of comfort, reproof and instruction for these teachings. In section three, the book takes off, as Burroughs develops the theme that faith is the operative principle in all such self-denial, probing and challenging and exhorting the reader as to the reality and vitality of our faith, and whether we are ready to suffer for Christ. There are comforts and directions for the faithful as well. In a place and age in which Christians perhaps too readily ask how much can they keep and still honour Christ, Burroughs offers a necessary and recommended counter-cultural purgative.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 11 February 2011 at 08:36

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