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Easy to sing, harder to live

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John Cennick, a faithful preacher and bold evangelist, wrote a hymn, the last verse of which is powerful:

Now will I tell to sinners round
What a dear Saviour I have found!
I’ll point to Thy redeeming blood,
And say, ‘Behold the way to God!’

They are indeed stirring words, and it is easy to sing them fervently and earnestly within the safe confines of the walls of a home or church building.  But when Cennick wrote them he meant them, and he lived them.  Having obtained salvation and the assurance of it, he was bold and quick to point others to the same Saviour who had delivered him.  May we know the same joy of salvation, and the same boldness to make known our Saviour.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 20 August 2010 at 17:34

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