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Psalm 27: “The Lord is my salvation sure”

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Seraph  D.C.M.

Psalm 27
The Lord is my salvation sure,
My light: whom shall I fear?
My strength of life: why tremble then
When God, my God, is near?
Though enemies should seek my life
And armies camp around,
My heart will cling to Christ alone,
In him my hope is found.

One thing I’ve wanted of the Lord,
One thing alone I’ve sought,
That I may dwell for all my days
Within his glorious court;
His beauty there I will behold,
Inquire before his face,
And in the time of trouble find
A holy hiding-place.

When he in triumph lifts my head,
A sacrifice of praise
My willing heart shall gladly give
In song through all my days.
You called in mercy, “Seek my face;”
My heart replied, “I will”:
You’ll not forsake when others fail,
But be my Father still.

Then lead me in your way, O Lord,
And make that pathway plain;
From enemies deliver me,
And let them rage in vain;
My feeble heart would quickly fail,
Unless I could believe
That in this life of toil and tears
Your goodness I’d receive.

This goodness and your beauty shine
In Christ your glorious Son,
Your faithfulness is known in him
By whom our heaven is won.
Wait on the Lord, then, do not faint;
With courage stand assured;
In Christ your heart shall be made strong:
In faith wait on the Lord!


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 17 August 2010 at 21:44

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