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Treasuring the Word

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Last night at a meeting at Maidenbower we heard a stonking sermon from Andy Young of Cheltenham on the preciousness of God’s word, highlighting how we ought to receive it, our appropriate response to it, and the fearful rejection of it. In his introduction, Andy made reference to the video below about the Kimyal people:

That further reminded me of this video of Chinese believers receiving the Word of God in their own language for the first time . . .

. . . and of this video of Christians in Africa getting their own Bibles:

What is the Bible to you? Is it better than thousands of pieces of gold and silver? Do you treasure it? I am reminded of a famous sermon by John Rogers. What difference would losing your Bible make to you?

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 12 March 2014 at 08:05

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The Spirit and the Word

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I mentioned this principle on Sunday, but nothing like as beautifully as Calvin does here:

The Holy Spirit so inheres in his truth, which he expresses in Scripture, that only when its proper reverence and dignity are given to the Word does the Holy Spirit show forth his power…. For by a kind of mutual bond the Lord has joined together the certainty of his Word and of his Spirit so that the perfect religion of the Word may abide in our minds when the Spirit, who causes us to contemplate God’s face, shines; and that we in turn may embrace the Spirit with no fear of being deceived when we recognize him in his own image, namely, in the Word. So indeed it is. God did not bring forth his Word among men for the sake of a momentary display, intending at the coming of his Spirit to abolish it. Rather, he sent down the same Spirit by whose power he had dispensed the Word, to complete his work by the efficacious confirmation of the Word.

Calvin, Institutes, 1.9.3

via The Old Guys.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 9 January 2013 at 19:07

Hidden in the heart

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. . . one of the consequences of the internet-trained brain seems to be an inability to hide very much – not much of the Word of God, to be sure – in our hearts. That results in a crippling weakness in the battle for godliness.

Yours truly offers some thoughts on hiding God’s word in our hearts at Reformation21.

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Monday 5 March 2012 at 23:10

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Concerning the Word of God

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John Murray:

There is no situation in which we are placed, no demand that arises, for which Scripture as the deposit of the manifold wisdom of God is not adequate and sufficient.  It is the Scripture that provides the equipment, the furnishings, the investments, that prepare us for the kingdom of God, ’till we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ’ and are ‘filled unto all the fulness of God’. (Works, 3:261)

Herman Bavinck:

The imperative task of the dogmatician is to think God’s thoughts after him and to trace their unity. His work is not finished until he has mentally absorbed this unity and set it forth in a dogmatics. Accordingly, he does not come to God’s revelation with a ready-made system in order, as best he can, to force its content into it. On the contrary, even in his system a theologian’s sole responsibility is to think God’s thoughts after him and to reproduce the unity that is objectively present in the thoughts of god and has been recorded for the eye of faith in Scripture. (Reformed Dogmatics, 1:44)

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 26 September 2011 at 12:51

“God-breathed, each sacred page reveals”

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God-breathed, each sacred page reveals
The sacred truth of God on high;
God condescends to speak to man,
His holy name to magnify.

Divine, no error mars the Word,
No folly creeps across the page.
The Word of God unsullied stands
From shore to shore and age to age.

Unchanged, the Word of God remains
The same across the passing years;
The truth which fired the martyrs’ hearts
Still freshly rings in modern ears.

Complete, our every need is met
Within the holy, precious book.
Our souls are saved, and kept, and fed
Beside the waters of this brook.

How warmly gleams this heav’n-forged blade,
Far sharper than a two-edged sword;
It overcomes the hardest heart,
And spreads God’s glorious power abroad.

“Enlarge our hearts to understand
The light of God to sinful man!
Grant grace to choose the way of truth,
To run the way that you command.”


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Saturday 31 July 2010 at 19:37

Grateful for a Bible

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How precious is the Word of God?  To these people, it is better than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.  Reminds me of John Rogers.

Remember this next time you open your Bible, and consider what you hold in your hands.


Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 11 February 2010 at 11:43

Psalm 1: “How greatly favoured is the man”

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Beatitudo  C.M.

Psalm 1
How greatly favoured is the man
Who, by the grace of God,
Walks not in step with sinful men,
Nor treads the sinner’s road.

The seat of mockers holds no joy:
All wickedness is spurned
By them whose love is for the law,
Who righteousness have learned.

God’s precepts are their first delight,
His statutes are their joy,
And constantly his holy Word
Their thoughts and lips employ.

Thus fed by everflowing streams
The blessed ones take root,
And in their season, pruned and fed,
Each brings forth heavenly fruit.

No foul disease is in their leaf,
No famine do they know;
In meditating day and night
God’s saints forever grow.

The wicked cannot claim the same
For when the wind comes up
Like chaff they will be swept away:
They drink a bitter cup.

They cannot stand before the Lord
At judgement’s awful hour;
They will not stand among the saints
Who praise God’s saving power.

In all these things the Lord is just,
His knowledge is complete.
The righteous and the wicked both
Their proper end shall meet.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 1 December 2009 at 10:02

“Great God, our eyes are slow to see”

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Irish  C.M.

Great God, our eyes are slow to see
The truth your Word contains,
And you alone have power to break
Our understanding’s chains.

Our ears are stopped, our minds are weak,
Our hearts are dull and cold.
How can this be when in your Word
The truth is clear and bold?

So slow our feet to walk your paths;
So slow our hands to learn;
So slow our minds to grasp the truth;
So slow our hearts to burn.

We search the Scriptures and we catch
A fleeting glimpse of Christ.
Remove the scales, arrest our minds,
And grant increasing light.

Have pity, Lord, and help our cause:
How much we long to be
Men of the Word, whose great delight
Is more of Christ to see!



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Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 29 May 2009 at 08:42

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