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Pastoral statistics

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I’m hopeful at least some of God’s people would consider these statistics, reflect upon their church’s treatment of their pastors, and perhaps lead a conspiracy to make sure faithful elders receive “double honor” from those they teach and lead. Let’s face it: we can’t get survey statistics like these unless it has become an unchecked commonplace among congregations to gossip and gripe rather than to breathe grace toward church leaders. These statistics indicate a pandemic culture of disregard and dishonor aimed at pastors. That’s to the church’s shame.

So says Thabiti Anyabwile over at 9Marks as he surveys a survey by the Schaeffer Insitute. It makes for sobering reading, if only because it comes close to home for many pastor-preachers and the congregations that they serve.

At the same time, I did not look at the method employed, at the churches and men who were surveyed, and so on, so I am not sure what biases there may be.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 3 June 2011 at 08:11

Posted in Pastoral theology

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