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Mohler muses

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Four helpful articles from the smoking keyboard of Al Mohler:

Hijacking the brain: how pornography works.  Pointing to a helpful looking book about the way in which pornography invades and captures healthy desires.

Mandatory sex education for ten year olds.  Welcome to our world, Mr Mohler!  Battle lines being drawn in the US that are very familiar to UK readers.

Where are the young men? Considering the absence of young men from higher education, and calling for Christian men to consider the stewardship of their minds.

The crisis of manhood.  General feminisation of society drives some young men towards hypermasculinity as a way of stating their credentials, and – guess what – there are churches, as always, hanging desperately on to the coat tails of a frantic society.  So we now have a Jesus who came to help us tap into our inner cage fighter.  Michael McKinley chips in here.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 11 February 2010 at 11:34

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