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“Faith on Trial” – special offer

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Why do the godly suffer while the ungodly seem to prosper? This is a problem that has often perplexed and discouraged God’s people—from unfavorable doctor’s reports, employment troubles, to some of life’s most painful circumstances. Thankfully, the Bible does not leave us without an answer. This is the very question the Psalmist wrestles with in Psalm 73. This book, by one of the twentieth century’s most beloved pastors on one of the most beloved Psalms was a labor of love and true joy. Delivered on eleven successive Sunday mornings Lloyd-Jones opens this text, like a door of hope, and invites those whose feet are ‘almost gone’ and whose steps have ‘well nigh slipped’ to fall back again on the precious promises of God. Powerfully, biblically, pastorally, and experientially Lloyd-Jones shows how faith can triumph over the sorest trials. Reformation Heritage Books would like to offer this book at an all-time low cost of $5/copy. Click here to order the book.

What’s the scoop here? Reformation Heritage Books has arranged a special deal with Christian Focus on Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ study of Psalm 73, Faith on Trial.

HT Kevin DeYoung.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 9 March 2012 at 17:36

Psalm 73: “Though God is good, I nearly fell”

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Denfield  C.M.

Psalm 73
Though God is good, I nearly fell
When I saw wicked men:
I envied their prosperity
And almost stumbled then.

I said, “No trouble bars their way,
Their boasting does not cease;
Though pride and violence mark their path,
They live and die in peace.”

“They mock at God, yet live at ease,
While I have served in vain,
For all day long I have been plagued,
And every dawn brings pain.”

To speak thus would have been a lie,
Yet truth I could not see,
Until I saw their fearful end
When in the sanctuary:

You set them in a slippery place
And suddenly they’re doomed;
When, in a moment, terrors come,
They swiftly are consumed.

My heart was grieved, my mind was dark,
But you took my right hand.
You’ll guide me with your counsel sure
Till I in glory stand.

For whom have I in heaven but you,
What joy on earth besides?
My flesh and heart may quickly fail,
But God my strength abides.

Those far from God shall perish all;
In Christ I shall draw near:
My trust is in the Lord alone,
I shall your works declare.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 19 October 2010 at 17:34

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