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Consistent complementarianism

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Mike McKinley, concerned at the way that complementarianism seems – in some men’s eyes – to legitimise their throwing their weight around, poses some necessary questions about a consistent complementarianism, concluding:

If you want to be a good leader, perhaps you should begin by being a good follower. If you want to know whether you are a good follower, try asking the people God has put in authority over you!


Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 26 April 2012 at 21:41

Return to the crystal bucket

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Yes, I have once more been invited to climb inside the goggle box to participate in yet another televisual feast.  Again, the invitation has come from the newly-revamped Revelation TV (you will understand that this is not a personal endorsement of all this channel’s output).  Tonight, God willing, yours truly will be taking part in a programme called Live@Nine about the position of women in the church.

The show broadcasts, as the title helpfully suggests, live at 9pm GMT, hosted by the delightful Doug Harris.  The other key players are Derek & Hilary Walker (no relation), pastors of a church in Oxford, and – from what I can determine – they will be arguing that distinctions in the role of men and women are a result of the Fall.  God helping me, I will be putting the Biblical position, and expect a fairly fruity and potentially wide-ranging discussion.  There will be opportunities for contributions from the studio audience and by email and phone.

If you are interested, the show is at 9pm GMT today (Tue 20 Jul), and can be watched online or at Sky Guide 581 or FreeSat 692 on satellite television.

If you are minded to, please pray for a discussion well-mediated, with gracious interaction in a spirit genuinely desiring to come to the truth as it is in Jesus, for honesty and integrity in dealing with the Biblical data, and for God in Christ to be honoured through these things.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 20 July 2010 at 09:53

Calvinism and complementarianism

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Kevin DeYoung has an interesting post (generated by one from another blogger, I should add) about why so many New Calvinists are also complementarians, and rigorously so.  He suggests at least four reasons (summarised below) why they are so closely linked:

  1. Historically, opening the door to egalitarianism in one generation leads to bigger errors in the next.  It is a distinctly and definitely slippery slope.
  2. The role of men and women is a huge issue for our day. Gender issues are among the most significant in our day.
  3. Complementarianism tends to signify a number of other important convictions (he suggests that it usually ‘goes with’ inerrancy, penal substitution, and eternal punishment, for example).  In DeYoung’s opinion, a Calvinist complementarian is a pretty safe pair of theological hands.
  4. Practically, it is very difficult for groups and organizations and movements to make both complementarians and egalitarians happy.

These are interesting reasons, not least because we are accustomed to hearing the so-called New Calvinists banging on about the importance of distinguishing between doctrines held in the open hand and doctrines held in the closed fist (i.e. negotiable and non-negotiable matters).

Quite apart from the fact that not all “New Calvinists” are actually Calvinists (some are Amyraldians), I am left wondering who gets to determine the open hand – closed fist classification of any doctrinal matter.  Is it the loudest shouter, the most famous name, or the bloke with the biggest congregation (do downloads count)?  I find it vaguely amusing that we all like to think that we can determine what are the open and closed hand issues, and vaguely worrying that complementarianism is now identified as one of the latter, when so many important matters are – relatively speaking – dismissed as the former.

I am not suggesting that the roles of men and women are unimportant issues, but there are many doctrinal matters which are, historically considered, far more slippery in a slopewise fashion than complementarianism (one might mention antinomianism or unbalanced perspectives on the person and work of the Spirit, both of which seem to be moot points among “New Calvinists”).  Who decides that other issues are relatively unimportant?  I can think of a whole raft of theological positions which do and do not imply faithfulness in other areas, some much more and others much less.  Finally, it can be fairly tricky to keep any ‘organisation’ (one might mention the local church, for example) happy that has people in it at opposite ends of the spectrum on more significant issues.

So, a stimulating and useful post by Kevin, but one which raises more questions than it answers, and certainly demands that the same magnifying glass be employed on other equally-if-not-more-important issues.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 6 July 2009 at 15:29

“In Eden’s sinless garden”

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St. Alphege  7 6. 7 6

In Eden’s sinless garden
A man and woman stood,
Each crafted in God’s image,
And both entirely good.

The serpent entered Eden,
And entered both their hearts;
And neither did resist him,
Fell to his fiery darts.

So Adam’s abdication
Was punished by the Lord;
Eve’s insubordination
Jehovah much abhorred.

Then came the Second Adam
Into the wilderness.
Where Adam fell, he conquered,
Both to restore and bless.

He raises from the ruins
Of Eden’s shattered bliss,
And by his saving power
Does Satan’s blight dismiss.

True men, pursue with courage
Loving nobility;
True women, with true beauty,
Submissive dignity.

You sons of Adam, glory
That Jesus sets you free.
Eve’s daughters, bow before him,
Embrace your liberty.



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Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 27 April 2009 at 08:17

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