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An age of barbarism

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My friend Pastor Jack Hampshire has sent me an article from The Spectator by Melanie Phillips.  Reflecting on the recent abhorrences committed against children like Baby P, Romario and Delayno Mullings-Sewell, Shannon Matthews, she writes:

The truth is that it is all far, far too late. Britain has simply undone the fabric of civilised life.  And the most bitter reproach of all must be for the people at whose door the ultimate responsibility for this catastrophic state of affairs must really be laid — not the wretched politicians, not the council officials or Ofsted inspectors or other negligent or incompetent professionals, not even the sadists who actually killed baby P or who murder or maim countless other children, but the amoral and criminally self-regarding so-called ‘progressive’ intelligentsia, who have bullied, smeared, intimidated and manipulated Britain into a truly dark age of barbarism.

To read of these and similar events is gut-wrenching: one can barely learn the facts without gagging, weeping, or recoiling.  Melanie Phillips points us back to the roots of the matter: “Britain has simply written orderly, married, normative family life out of the script”; furthermore, there is “the institutionalised incompetence of social work, in the grip of a political correctness so extreme that it was wholly incapable of responding to situations on the facts that plainly presented themselves, with catastrophic results.”

It is a powerful and effective piece, and worth reading in its entirety.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Saturday 15 November 2008 at 13:33

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