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Sing in faith with Ryland

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john-ryland-jrThe Baptist pastor and teacher, John Ryland, wrote the following hymn in 1777. I have updated the language slightly, and suggested a couple of tunes (one more assertive, one more meditative). I draw your attention to the line which I have as, “Mortal dangers round me fly.” Ryland’s original? “Plagues and deaths around me fly.” Sometimes an update loses a little something, so feel free to revert to Ryland at that point. May these timeless truths prove a help and an encouragement to God’s people during these days!

St. Bees / Aberafon 7 7. 7 7

Sovereign Ruler of the skies!
Ever gracious, ever wise!
All my times are in your hand,
All events at your command.

His decree, who formed the earth,
Fixed my first and second birth;
Parents, native place, and time—
All appointed were by him.

He that formed me in the womb,
Guides my footsteps to the tomb;
All my times shall ever be
Ordered by his wise decree.

Times of sickness, times of health;
Times of poverty and wealth;
Times of trial and of grief;
Times of triumph and relief.

Times the tempter’s power to prove;
Times to taste a Saviour’s love:
All must come, and last, and end,
As shall please my heavenly Friend.

Mortal dangers round me fly;
Till he bids, I cannot die:
Not a single arrow hits
Till the God of love permits.

O Most Gracious, Wise, and Just,
In your hands my life I trust:
Have I something dearer still?
I resign it to your will.

May I always own your hand,
Still to the surrender stand;
Know that you are God alone,
I and mine are all your own.

You at all times I will bless;
Having you, I all possess;
What in truth a loss can be
Since you will not part from me?

John Ryland

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 07:36

“To Nazareth came Gabriel, a herald of God’s love”

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[I probably do not need to inform regular readers of this blog that Christmas is not my favourite season. Nevertheless, I try to take the opportunity to use the occasion. Recently, preaching from Luke 1, I was disappointed with the range of hymns available that focused on the miraculous conception. What follows is a first attempt at addressing that lack. For those who enjoy such things at this time of year, I trust it is a blessing.]

Haydn D.C.M.

To Nazareth came Gabriel, a herald of God’s love,
A message of rich grace to tell of mercy from above;
“Rejoice, you favoured of the Lord, for you indeed are blessed!”
But when the virgin heard his word, she felt a deep unrest.

“Fear not, for this is grace from God, and you shall bear a child!
The Son of God, and Jesse’s Rod, a Saviour undefiled;
And he shall reign on David’s throne, and all before him bend;
He reigns o’er Jacob’s house alone, his kingdom without end.”

“How can this be?” the virgin said, “I do not know a man.”
The angel bowed his lofty head, and told the heavenly plan:
“The Holy Spirit will descend, God’s mighty power apply –
The Holy One he thus will send, the Son of God Most High.”

And Mary bowed her humble head, raised no untrusting cry,
But, full of faith, she sweetly said, “God’s maidservant am I!”
And we, O Lord, would likewise bow, and trust the heavenly word,
Each heart embrace the Saviour now, and own him as our Lord.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 24 December 2014 at 23:16

“Every precious blessing”

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North Coates 6 5. 6 5

Every precious blessing
Comes from God above;
Everything we have is
From his heart of love.

Jesus is the best gift,
Coming down to save:
Dying for his people,
Rising from the grave.

Gracious Spirit, give us
Hearts to trust the Son,
Souls that overflow with
Praise for all he’s done.


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(Note: this hymn was written with children particularly in mind.)

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 12 March 2012 at 19:16

“In dark of night, when hell comes knocking”

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9 9 9. 6

In dark of night, when hell comes knocking,
And demons all around are flocking,
And every sin and fear is mocking,
Lord, save me then, I pray.

At break of day, when tears are flowing,
And every fear and doubt is growing,
And there seems neither faith nor knowing,
Lord, save me then, I pray.

At every hour, with sin assailing,
When every tempting thought is wailing,
And every hope is quickly failing,
Lord, save me then, I pray.

In that great day, with angels soaring,
When praise from every saint is pouring,
I’ll look to Christ, and cry, adoring:
“Lord, save me now, I pray.”


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 17 October 2011 at 16:52

Psalm 49: “Though I live in these days”

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Leominster D.S.M.

Psalm 49
Though I live in these days
Why should I evil fear,
When sin and death around me tread,
When wicked men draw near?
The wealth of earth will fade,
And life cannot be bought,
The godless soul will boast in vain,
And riches come to nought.

Both fool and wise will die,
Their wealth will be passed on,
Their works, their goods, their dwelling place,
From father down to son.
Like flowers in the field
Their glory dies and fades;
The foolish man says, “This is all:”
His words are swept away.

Fools go down to the grave
And in death’s shadow lie;
The upright man dominion has
When worldly men must die.
The beauty of the world
Consumed within its graves;
But God shall be my dwelling place,
My soul received and saved.

So as I walk this world
I fear not evil men.
Their power, their wealth, their glory here
Shall not pass on with them.
Like beasts that perish they,
Not blessed by God above,
Who gives to us his lasting gifts,
And true, eternal love.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 23 August 2011 at 08:29

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Psalm 54: “Save me, Lord, by your great name”

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Ratisbon  7 7. 7 7. 7 7

Psalm 54
Save me, Lord, by your great name,
Vindicate me by your strength;
Help from you I humbly claim,
Hear me when I cry at length;
Listen to my pleading voice,
Bid my troubled heart rejoice.

Men oppose me all around;
God is not before their eyes;
Christ himself will stand my ground,
When my enemies arise:
He will punish every foe,
And in truth will bring them low.

God, my helper, I will sing:
He has made my troubles cease.
Sacrifice I freely bring,
Praise the gracious Prince of Peace:
He has cast the wicked down,
My Deliverer wears the crown.

©JRW following Henry Francis Lyte

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Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 21 July 2011 at 19:45

“A child I come, my God, and ask”

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A child I come, my God, and ask:
Let me in Jesus hide,
Lest grief possess, or doubt invade,
Or bitterness reside.

Give me to view with eyes of faith
This one and temporal cross,
Since countless of your smiling acts
Prepared me for the loss.

Eternal blessings ever shine
And cannot be removed,
And in the dark of this day’s trials,
Eternal love is proved.

You brought me here, Lord, keep me here
Till I your lessons learn,
And sweet submission find a home,
And love within me burn.

Give me to feel my Father’s hands,
And know my Father’s smile;
Wrapped in the everlasting arms,
I’ll rest here for a while.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 9 February 2011 at 17:36

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