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“To Nazareth came Gabriel, a herald of God’s love”

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[I probably do not need to inform regular readers of this blog that Christmas is not my favourite season. Nevertheless, I try to take the opportunity to use the occasion. Recently, preaching from Luke 1, I was disappointed with the range of hymns available that focused on the miraculous conception. What follows is a first attempt at addressing that lack. For those who enjoy such things at this time of year, I trust it is a blessing.]

Haydn D.C.M.

To Nazareth came Gabriel, a herald of God’s love,
A message of rich grace to tell of mercy from above;
“Rejoice, you favoured of the Lord, for you indeed are blessed!”
But when the virgin heard his word, she felt a deep unrest.

“Fear not, for this is grace from God, and you shall bear a child!
The Son of God, and Jesse’s Rod, a Saviour undefiled;
And he shall reign on David’s throne, and all before him bend;
He reigns o’er Jacob’s house alone, his kingdom without end.”

“How can this be?” the virgin said, “I do not know a man.”
The angel bowed his lofty head, and told the heavenly plan:
“The Holy Spirit will descend, God’s mighty power apply –
The Holy One he thus will send, the Son of God Most High.”

And Mary bowed her humble head, raised no untrusting cry,
But, full of faith, she sweetly said, “God’s maidservant am I!”
And we, O Lord, would likewise bow, and trust the heavenly word,
Each heart embrace the Saviour now, and own him as our Lord.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 24 December 2014 at 23:16

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