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Review: “Am I Really A Christian?”

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Am I Really A Christian?

Mike McKinley

Crossway, 2011, 160pp., paperback, $12.99 / £8.99

ISBN 978-1-4335-2576-6

We must be able to give the right answer for the right reasons to this all-important question, because heaven or hell hang upon that answer. Mike McKinley’s book is designed to guide us away from false notions and to equip us to make a Scripturally-informed analysis. Written in a laid-back style with a blend of pastoral honesty and sensitivity, he strips away false notions of Christianity and introduces Biblical tests in their place. The book hits hard where needed, offers comfort where appropriate, and speaks directly with consistency. The negatively-titled chapters (“You are not a Christian if . . .”) contain much positive truth, and prompt a well-instructed self-examination. Perhaps most useful in any environment in which nominal Christianity appears to be a significant problem, this is a helpful book for those who hope that they are Christians (or fear that they are not) trying to answer this question carefully and accurately, those who are seeking to help such, and others who need to understand and address the issues involved.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 20 February 2014 at 15:17

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