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Review: “God’s Names”

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God’s Names

Sally Michael

Presbyterian & Reformed, 2011, 120pp., paperback, $16.99

ISBN 9781596382190

This children’s book (I am guessing aimed at 10 year olds or thereabouts) introduces the Lord God by the obvious but easily overlooked means of his names. Over 26 chapters we are introduced to the concept of names, Old and New Testament names of God, building toward a final exhortation to the reader. The illustrations are colourful, the writing lively, and the questions on each chapter engaging (parents or teachers will have to decide how to pitch the material to different children, and may wish to nuance one or two elements of the instruction and application according to taste and conviction). The questions constantly strive to apply the topic in terms the child can understand, and the theme of personal response develops especially toward the end of the book. This is an excellent resource for parents (or teachers) looking to instruct their children in the character of God.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 18 February 2014 at 15:21

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