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Review: “Anne Steele and Her Spiritual Vision”

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Anne Steele and Her Spiritual Vision: Seeing God in the Peaks, Valleys and Plateaus of Life

Priscilla Wong

Reformation Heritage Books, 2012, 144pp., paperback, $18

ISBN 9781601781857

This thoughtful blend of biography, theology and literary criticism offers a fine example of Christian scholarship. With copious but careful quotations, Wong traces three streams of thought through Steele’s writings: God’s glory in creation, faith under trials, and the hope of heaven. Offering helpful insights into Steele’s cultural and theological contexts, the poet’s honesty comes to the fore as she wrestles through the vicissitudes of life with an eye on the glory to come. Readers should be aware that the tone is academic and the text weighted with footnotes, that the content is decidedly and distinctively evangelical, and that the spirit of devotion so prevalent in Steele’s poetry is more incidental than central, though certainly accessible to those willing to ponder some of Steele’s lines and Wong’s insights. Altogether, this blend makes it a little difficult to discern at whom the book is aimed, but it remains a stimulating study.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 19 September 2013 at 08:51

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