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Review: “Communion with Christ and His People: The Spirituality of C.H. Spurgeon”

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Morden’s often excellent work must be considered in any further Spurgeon studies, and sheds genuine light at many key points. His marshalling of the data and thoroughness of the treatment cannot for one moment be denied, and are to be applauded. However, those who are either less shackled by the conventions of this way of doing history, or, perhaps, share more of Spurgeon’s convictions more openly, may conclude with me that something is missing, and that Spurgeon’s constraining intention to be governed by Christ speaking in his Word by his Spirit is bypassed when it might have provided a far more complete and satisfying key to the life of this servant of God.

Read the whole review at Reformation21.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 16 May 2013 at 15:50

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  1. Excellent review Jeremy. I haven’t read the book, but your review, for me, highlights the increasing separation that there seems to be between a whole-hearted allegiance to Scripture, as Spurgeon I believe had, and a cold, analytical view which involves more of the head than the heart. Scripture is meant to do more than inform, it is meant to reform. That is why SPurgeon took the stance that he did in the downgrade controversy. Well done!

    Neil Mansfield

    Friday 17 May 2013 at 04:05

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