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Review: “Charles Simeon: An Ordinary Pastor of Extraordinary Influence”

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Charles Simeon: An Ordinary Pastor of Extraordinary Influence

Derek Prime

DayOne, 2011, 272pp., paperback, £10

ISBN 978-1-84625-313-3

The structure of this volume is both pleasing and effective. Beginning with the spring of Simeon’s life, we trace the broadening river to his establishment at Cambridge, at which point our author takes the time honestly to explore the various currents and eddies of his pastoral and wider endeavours, before closing with the stream’s discharge into eternity. This effective trajectory allows us to observe Simeon at close quarters, considering both his character and labours. One does not need to agree with all of Simeon’s convictions and practices, nor Derek Prime’s emphasis on or endorsement of some of them, to find this a thoroughly stimulating biography, challenging, rebuking and encouraging in equal measure. The author’s interest in and sympathy with his subject add a real heartbeat to the book. Pastors especially should come away from this stirred to a service both of greater effort and purer consecration, praying for and seeking out opportunities to serve God in our day as Simeon did in his.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 10 April 2013 at 11:16

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