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An interview with Conrad Mbewe

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The interview is entitled “A Great Inheritance.” Here’s a snippet:

TT: What are two important lessons that Western Christians can learn from the African church?

CM: Western civilization has lost a lot of its interpersonal virtues. It has become overly individualized—if you see what I mean. Issues like hospitality, respect for authority and the elderly, being more people-conscious than time-conscious, and so on are largely lost. This has affected not only the society generally but Christians as well.

Western Christians have filled their lives with too many things (toys?) that have robbed them of eternal perspectives. Electronic gadgets, holidays, sports, recreation, and so on have almost become idols. Even church must be about having fun. The church has little time in the lives of its members to prepare them for eternity. There is a greater consciousness of eternity here in Africa. Perhaps it is because we have fewer toys to dull our spiritual senses and death is all around us.

A greater exposure of Western Christians to their African counterparts may help them regain some of these lost virtues, strengths, and perspectives.


Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 22 November 2012 at 21:13

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