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Whitefield’s “Sermons”

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A quick note: Lee Gatiss has edited George Whitefield’s Sermons in two volumes for Crossway. The two hardbound volumes are available from Amazon for £37.79 at the moment, but the whole shebang is available in a Kindle edition for only £10.52.

No idea how long this offer will last so bag it quickly.

PS In the US, the hardbacks are only $33.54, while the Kindle edition is yet to be priced but should be only $9.99. Silly prices. Bag them now.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 12 September 2012 at 17:58

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  1. I assume this is the Church Society edition. Which does not contain all Whitefield’s sermons. Probably just the ones from the Works and from the additional sermons. Can you confirm?

    Dr Digby L. James

    Wednesday 12 September 2012 at 20:51

    • All I know is this at present: “Editor Lee Gatiss has thus reproduced 57 sermons that were originally authorized to be published by Whitefield himself in the late 1700s, in addition to two sermons edited by Gillies for Whitefield’s Works, and two more that are of great importance. Gatiss includes careful and extensive footnotes detailing the historical and theological background to Whitefield’s preaching, which puts the man and his messages into context for a new generation of readers. The text has also been updated for the twenty-first century with modern grammar, spelling, and punctuation—revised in a manner that leaves Whitefield’s distinct voice intact and coherent for today’s reader.”

      Hope that helps.

      Jeremy Walker

      Wednesday 12 September 2012 at 22:36

      • Thanks. I thought that was the case. There are more sermons than these. There are the “Additional Sermons” published before Whitefield died, having been taken down in shorthand and printed without his permission. He disowned them and Gillies tried to buy up the print run and pulp it. Yet I have heard people say these contain Whitefield’s best sermons. There are more at (first link). These haven’t been proof-read yet. I have to finish Whitefield’s Journals first.

        Dr Digby L. James

        Thursday 13 September 2012 at 11:01

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