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The two temptations of John Knox

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On his deathbed, John Knox was visited by a friend who asked why Knox was heard crying out in his sleep. In reply he described the two-fold temptation that faces every minister of the gospel:

In my lifetime I have been often assaulted by Satan, and many times he hath cast my sins in my teeth, to bring me to despair; yet God gave me strength to overcome his temptations; and now that subtle serpent, who never ceaseth to tempt, hath taken another course, and seeks to persuade me that all my labours in the ministry, and the fidelity I have showed in that service, have merited heaven and immortality. But blessed be God that He hath brought to my mind that Scripture, ‘What hast thou that thou has not received?’ and, ‘Not I, but the grace of God, which is in me,’ with which he hath gone away ashamed, and shall no more return. And now, I am sure my battle is at an end, and that I shall shortly, without pain of body or trouble of spirit, change this mortal and miserable life for that happy and immortal life that shall never have an end.

John Howie, Heroes For the Faith: Lives of the Scottish Worthies, 65

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Wednesday 5 September 2012 at 08:47

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