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My children, despite a fairly ripe imagination, are not given to sentimental superstitions. For example, both boys refer to the modern incarnation of Nicholas of Smyrna as “the Christmas clown,” much to their father’s joy.

However, the pragmatic streak takes a different aspect now that Caleb has started losing his baby teeth and there is money on the line. The Tooth Fairy needs to be placated, whether or not real, given its habit of distributing the wonga. So Caleb, having lost his first tooth, was a bit disappointed to have lost it in another way – we don’t know whether it went in or out, but he’s fairly sure he swallowed it. And so, with 50p up for grabs, my son stuck this note under his pillow last night:

Yes, determined not to miss out, my son offered the tooth fairy the only option he could think of checking out the veracity of his claim: a quick visit to the “sooij treetment senter.” That’s my boy!

Posting has been slow here of late, I know. I have been extremely busy, and having to take into account a few health issues, hopefully to be resolved soon. Under the circumstances, I have sometimes had to accomplish the bare minimum, and things of the first importance have taken priority; blogging has not been making the cut. I hope to get a few more things up soon, though.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 17 May 2012 at 09:33

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  1. It should turn up in the end.


    Thursday 17 May 2012 at 15:01

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