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Thanks to all who prayed for the work in the village of Charlwood last Saturday.

One brother travelled down from London with the booklets and invitations, one family travelled up from Brighton, and about a dozen gathered from Maidenbower Baptist Church to distribute the material through Charlwood, directly inviting as many as we could. We divided up the village into eight zones and worked through them, making good time and finishing by about 1.30pm.

I think the consensus was that it was a good and positive day. Certainly a good number of the members here were very encouraged when I spoke with them yesterday. We probably had as many ‘very positives’ as we had ‘aggressively negatives’, with a good number of ‘polite interests’ and a fair few ‘not bothereds’. I imagine that there might be a drop-off in interest when the time comes, but if only two or three people came from each of the areas we worked through, we would still have a congregation well into double figures for the first meeting next Sunday night.

Again, thank you for your prayers. I think that they were answered even in the window of better weather than we enjoyed for the duration of the distribution: the worst of the rain eased almost as we began, and it did not really rain again until we stopped to pray at the end of the time. We now ask that having kept the earthly showers off, the Lord would send heavenly showers down! Please do continue to seek God’s blessing on the work in the coming weeks, for the salvation of souls and the establishing of a church: we are excited and perhaps a little fearful, seeking to be faithful and seeking greater faith. We value your continued intercession.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 30 April 2012 at 10:56

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  1. Good to hear! We will keep praying!


    Monday 30 April 2012 at 14:51

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