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Out and about in Scotland

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It’s been a busy few days here chez J. I spent several days in Edinburgh, having been invited to preach at the conference of many names (“The Call”, the “Shepherd as Leader” conference). I arrived fairly early on Friday morning, and promptly sped out to Glenrothes with Brian Croft and company, where a seminar was running over lunch at Glenrothes Baptist Church (I won’t bother with all the connections). A pleasant surprise was the presence of Ali McLachlan, now heading up Grace Baptist Partnership, Scotland. We had a pleasant chinwag, and then I headed over with a small group to St Andrews, where – around a range of small meetings – I had the privilege of showing a few of the gents around the town, including the cathedral ruins, the castle ruins, and the sites of the martyrdoms of George Wishart and Patrick Hamilton. It seems particularly grievous that – as far as could be determined – Reformed evangelical witness in St Andrews is slight to non-existent. A stop at the Old Course on the way out to allow the golf-appreciating Brian to hug the fairway was followed by a drive home via Anstruther to allow us to visit a famed fish’n’chip shop before we headed back to Edinburgh.

I was staying with a couple from Charlotte Chapel, Tim & Shelagh Prime, and they were outstandingly gracious to a guest who was invariably finding out what he was doing in any given hour about ten minutes before the hour dawned. I was up early on the Saturday with a sense of spiritual pregnancy, eager to be delivered of my sermon. We got to Charlotte Chapel in good time, and soon the ninety or so attendees were trickling in. The conference was well-organised (I saw a time sheet with minute long increments where it was deemed fit!) and smoothly-run. I was on my feet at the appointed moment, and – though I cannot say it was an easy birth, and I had some sense that it was not an altogether lovely baby – I had some sense of the Lord’s help in preaching, though I was shedding chunks of prepared sermon at an alarming rate by the end.

Brian Croft followed with a dense but balanced overview of pastoral priorities, followed by breakout sessions which – despite my best efforts in kicking off the day – were not concerted attempts to leave the premises. After lunch, Matthew Spandler-Davison bounced off Matthew 28.18-20 to give some overarching thoughts on evangelism. This was followed by Ray van Neste giving a paper, at the request of the organisers, on the priority of soul-care in pastoral ministry. Though it was an address more than a sermon, Ray delivered it with soul, and I found his Scriptural and historical evidences compelling in every sense, and thoroughly appreciated it. For me, it was undoubtedly one of the high points of the day. I will let you know when it all goes online.

I trickled back to the Primes, where we were joined by Tim’s dad, Derek Prime of Derek Prime fame, who was kind enough to give me a copy of his new biography of Charles Simeon, of which more anon. We watched the Wales vs. England rugby match and ate a meal together before an evening of reading (for me).

On the Lord’s day I headed out to Penicuik Baptist Church where I had the privilege of preaching morning and evening to some old friends and some new faces, spending the day with hosts from previous visits and enjoying a good catch-up. Returning to the Primes’s home, I was probably nearly assaulted by Andy Prime, their son and an assistant pastor at Charlotte Chapel, as I am not sure that he expected me and I might very well have been considered an intruder. Blows averted, Andy, his fiancée, and I enjoyed a toast feast while chewing the fat, as it were, and I discovered that he will be preaching at this year’s Banner of Truth Youth Conference. As the night wore on, I eventually headed to bed.

On Monday morning I leapt sprightly from twixt the sheets and headed for the Banner of Truth offices, where I spent a day annoying people, messing about with proofs, giving my opinion on matters which are none of my business, getting in the way, and generally making myself a nuisance. I am sure that they love me there. When Jonathan Watson finally managed to get rid of me, I headed back to Edinburgh airport where I got the plane home.

So, plenty going on, and plenty more to come in the next few days. Watch this space . . .

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 28 February 2012 at 23:26

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  1. Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying Scotland. But before you entirely despair of Reformed evangelical witness in St Andrews I suggest you check out


    Wednesday 29 February 2012 at 04:15

    • Glad to hear that there is a gospel-preaching church in St Andrews, Lawrence. Thanks for getting in touch.

      Jeremy Walker

      Wednesday 29 February 2012 at 08:19

  2. […] FROM Evangelism Of The Gospel source #family movie -THE LAMP- one family's loss shows them how to turn to Faith instead of magic […]

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