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Review: “My Life & Books”

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My Life & Books: Reminiscences of S. M. Houghton

S. M. Houghton

Banner of Truth, 1988, 160pp., cloth, £7

ISBN 9780851515373

I had known only of Mr Houghton’s reputation as a stickler for accuracy in matters editorial when I picked up this volume. The volume communicates this preciseness of character in its formal but not cold tone and its careful but not dry style. Over the course of ten brief chapters he outlines his life by reference to books purchased, read and enjoyed. All else is made, in essence, colourfully incidental to and illuminative of the amassing of the Houghton library. One salivates over the environment in which, with good theology largely disregarded, and real bookshops the only place to find such material, magnificent tomes might be obtained for a pittance by the intelligent and diligent. Hearing of certain purchases made for pennies, we might say with Wordsworth, “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive”! For Mr Houghton – though remaining a teacher of history and Scripture for most of his life – was a vigorous participant in the dawn of the new interest in the Puritans, a major contributor to the labours of the Banner of Truth Trust in the early years, and a significant figure in those circles. Closing with an account of the author by Iain Murray, this little volume shows us the value and joy of a life devoted to the God of the Bible, the Bible God gave, and those works which faithfully and earnestly elucidate the Word and illuminate the Lord. Though it might appeal more to the bookish, it is recommended to all.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 15 February 2012 at 09:55

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