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Review: “Handle That New Call With Care”

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Handle That New Call With Care: Accepting or Declining a Call to a New Congregation

David Campbell

DayOne, 2009, 112pp., paperback, £5

ISBN 9781846251535

David Campbell limits himself very deliberately to the question of a pastor’s assessment of an invitation to leave his existing charge and respond to the invitation to remove to a new one. As any minister who has ever wrestled with this question will know, this is an agonising decision. Having made plain that ultimately it is the Great Shepherd who orders the positioning of his under-shepherds, and teasing out one or two principles from Scripture, the author addresses the uncertainties involved, the pros and cons of staying and leaving, the decision itself and its likely consequences. Mercifully, he steers clear of attempting to offer cast-iron formulae; thankfully, he trawls some of the relevant (especially biographical) literature from past worthies who help both to show that it never was an easy judgement, and that the Lord does make known to his servants by appropriate and legitimate means his intentions for them. Ministers and congregations wrestling with these questions will value this work, though it will provide no easy answers.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 13 February 2012 at 20:24

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