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Review: “Stop Loving the World”

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Stop Loving the World

William Greenhill

Reformation Heritage Books, 2011, 73pp., paperback, $8 / £7.50

ISBN 978-1-60178-118-5

Perhaps there are few commands that today’s Western church needs to hear more than the one to stop loving the world. In this slim volume, helpfully edited to make it more palatable to the eye (though no easier on the soul), the Puritan author identifies the world and provides reasons for not loving it. Helpfully, we then receive direction on a positive relationship to creation, before his teaching is pressed home in a series of searching questions. Are we not yet persuaded? More motives are given for not loving the world, followed by some helps and hints for turning our hearts off the world and toward heaven. Robust but Scripturally-balanced books like this are sticks in the stream of the spirit of the age; it is profoundly to be hoped that, read and heeded, they will be a means of damming up that river in the professing church.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 11 January 2012 at 09:12

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