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Review: “The Hidden Life of Prayer: The Life-Blood of the Christian”

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The Hidden Life of Prayer: The Life-Blood of the Christian

David McIntyre

Christian Focus, 2010, 128pp., paperback, £6.99

ISBN 9781845505868

This is a book which can be read quickly, but its lessons should last a lifetime. Its much-loved, greatly-learned and highly-esteemed author, who moved in the orbit of the Bonars, provides a simple but profound invitation to engage with God in earnest, humble, contrite, intelligent, worshipful prayer, holding out to us the sweet rewards of such engagement. His language is Scriptural, his soul is ardent, and his call is urgent. Arming himself also with a wealth of encouragements and warnings from past worthies, he gives us here a clarion call to get on our knees and seek the face of God. I should hope that any Christian would benefit greatly from a reading of this book, for it encourages even as it convicts, it exhorts even as it rebukes, it draws us out even as it drives us down.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 15 December 2011 at 08:24

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