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True friendship

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In our path thro life, tho we meet with so many travelers, & we hope with many who are going to Zion with their faces thitherward; yet, it is not often that we meet with men, whose openness of mind, steadiness of attachment, & spirituality of temper, invite our friendship with…force & sweetness.

So writes Samuel Pearce, friend of Carey, Fuller, Sutcliff, Pearce and Ryland.

Michael Haykin reminds us that the first two would qualities – “openness of mind, steadiness of attachment” – would probably be affirmed by Pearce’s Georgian culture, while the third – “spirituality of temper” – is distinctly Christian.

A similar spirit animated William Ward:

I cannot describe to you what pleasure I feel in communion with brethren Pearce, Fuller, and the Northamptonshire ministers in general; I love them, not only because of their views of the gospel, but on account of their being thoroughly given up, in heart and soul to Jesus Christ, and to promote the eternal welfare of their fellow creatures.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 21 July 2011 at 12:41

Posted in Christian living

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