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A delicious slice of nothing in a china dish

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Spurgeon, for all his Victorian floweriness at times, did not like fluff, gumpf, and blether:

It is infamous to ascend your pulpit and pour over your people rivers of language, cataracts of words, in which mere platitudes are held in solution like infinitesimal grains of homœopathic medicine in an Atlantic of utterance.

Better far give the people masses of unprepared truth in the rough, like pieces of meat from a butcher’s block, chopped off anyhow, bone and all, and even dropped down in the sawdust, than ostentatiously and delicately hand them out upon a china dish a delicious slice of nothing at all, decorated with the parsley of poetry, and flavoured with the sauce of affectation.

via Pyromaniacs: On Eloquence in Preaching.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 27 May 2011 at 16:48

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