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Review: “The Lord of Glory: Day by Day Devotions With Your Children”

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The Lord of Glory: Day by Day Devotions With Your Children

Jim Cromarty

Evangelical Press, 2010, 767pp., paperback, £17.99

ISBN 9780852346846

Family worship is sadly much neglected, and aids such as this are valuable to help correct the damaging disregard of this practice. This volume is simply laid out: each dated and titled day covers a double-spread, with a key text, brief reading, teaching on the passage, prompts for discussion, a thought for meditation and a brief “wise words” quote. The language is simple and direct, the truth clear, the tone honest and earthy, and the topic throughout the person and work of Christ. Parents who would like to conduct family worship but feel under-equipped themselves would find that a year with Cromarty might be of great help not only in forming a pattern, but also in feeding their own souls and equipping them to take their own steps in the instruction of their children, pointing them to Jesus Christ with prayerful love.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 8 March 2011 at 08:21

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