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Brief health update

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As I mentioned previously, I got badly knocked out a few days ago by a ferocious beastie suspected to be Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Thanks to all those who prayed and sent notes of encouragement, all of which were much appreciated. God has been good, sparing me more than I know and far more than I deserve.

I was able to see the doctor again yesterday. Some symptoms of the underlying virus remain, but I am no longer required to take steroids, and simply need to finish the course of anti-viral medication. I stopped the pain medication last Friday, and have been able to manage since then. The doctor is pleased with the progress so far, but cannot give any guarantee about long-term damage at present. All the symptoms are consistent with an aggressive viral infection (or reactions to the medication), almost certainly this Ramsay Hunt thing, and I can expect the kind of achiness and weariness consonant with shingles or flu or something similar for another week or so. However, he did have a couple of other questions, and so I now need a blood test to make sure that nothing else is lurking. My concerned nurse sister warns me that all this can take weeks to get over.

In myself, I feel more alert mentally, although not exactly firing on all cylinders, and have been able to start back in on some low-key, straightforward tasks (including clearing inboxes and blog readers and the like, hence this brief burst of blogging activity). Physically, short periods of activity are necessarily interspersed with rest periods, but today has been good so far. I did get a reasonable amount of reading done once my eyes started functioning properly again, so there should be a few reviews and recommendations along in due course.

There have been several lessons which I hope I will truly learn: understand, remember, and continually apply. I may offer some more public reflections down the line. In the meantime, the birth of our third child is imminent . . . not actually happening, just loomingly imminent . . . so continued prayers continue to be appreciated.

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Thursday 3 March 2011 at 15:01

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    Wednesday 1 June 2011 at 12:33

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