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Good deals on “Solid Ground”

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A temporarily broken silence, as I wanted to get this news out in good time, especially for friends in the US: the publisher Solid Ground Christian Books is facing some financial rockiness, having already undertaken some belt-tightening maneouvres. As part of their response, they have put some existing stock up for sale at excellent prices, together with offering free postage in the US to anyone ordering more than $20 today (at least, they had at last time of looking).

Some of their newer and upcoming material is outstanding: for example, the excellent Prayer of a Broken Heart by Robert Candlish, a study of Psalm 51; or, the great work of that proto-Puritan, William Perkins, A Golden Chain: The Description of Theology.

Furthermore, there are outstanding deals to be had on works printed longer back: Eadie’s commentaries on the New Testament (all five for $64.95); W. G. T. Shedd’s sermons and other works dirt cheap; the complete Works of Thomas Manton (a beautiful edition) for only £239.95 and a host of other treasures.

If you are looking for some good material for a gift, some books for a pastor, some volumes for a church library, or even a good deal on good Christian literature, you would be helping out a good work by considering an order with Solid Ground.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 28 February 2011 at 16:50

Posted in Book notices

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