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Review: “Glimpses of the Inner Life of Our Lord & The Emotions of Jesus”

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Glimpses of the Inner Life of Our Lord & The Emotions of Jesus

William G. Blaikie & Robert Law

Tentmaker Publications, 1995, 114pp & 76pp., cloth

ISBN 1 899003 12 6

There are not many works that deal sensitively and Scripturally with the emotional life of Christ, but these stand high in the ranks. Blaikie is perhaps a little less speculative than Law, but both works are grounded in Biblical revelation, and avoid flights of fancy. The style is of its time, but not overly florid, rather well-developed and rich. Time and again the reader must simply sit back and bow the head, adoring again the God-man so faithfully and fully presented in these pages, and pleading with God to be conformed to his image. Profoundly devotional while spiritually purifying and demanding, any sincere believer would find these works of great profit, and elders will find themselves thoroughly stimulated for pastoral and pulpit ministry. Both these volumes, published together by Tentmaker, are now available independently of each other in paperback. Either, but perhaps especially Blaikie, would be worth having.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Saturday 19 February 2011 at 08:54

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