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David Murray suggests that Christians should be ready to use the media to engage with the world:

Despite the usually negative context to media interest, despite their general hostility towards us, and despite their frequent misrepresentation of us, I’d like to encourage pastors (and other well-educated Christians) to engage more with the media, as opportunity arises. I’m afraid that if sane Christian voices remain silent, there’s no shortage of “Christian” ego-maniacs to fill the journalistic void.

Here are David’s suggestions for such engagement:

  1. Pick your targets.
  2. Ask for time.
  3. Keep your target in view.
  4. Get your facts right.
  5. Be respectful.
  6. Listen carefully to the question.
  7. Keep your most important answers short.
  8. Don’t insist on the last word.
  9. Learn from your mistakes.
  10. Love the journalist.

PS Smile more than normal on TV, and talk faster than usual on the radio.

Read it all.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 10 February 2011 at 17:13

Posted in Culture and society

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