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The pastor, preacher and theologian William M. Taylor tells the following story concerning the readiness of Christlike men to set aside all airs and graces and speak to others without pretension:

I have somewhere read of a hardened criminal who was condemned to die and waiting for execution. Christian people were deeply interested in him and wished for his salvation. Pastors of different churches visited him and talked with him and prayed with him. But all they did and said seemed only to harden him the more, for they never got near him. They were afraid of him. They never touched him. At length, they bethought themselves of a member of the community, known of all men for his holiness and tenderness and wisdom in the winning of souls, and they got him to visit him. When he entered the condemned cell, he sat down beside the prisoner, by whom also he was well known, and told him the simple story of the cross, and when he had finished it, he laid his hand upon the criminal’s shoulder and said to him with a look of inexpressible emotion: “Now wasn’t it a great sacrifice for the Son of God to lay down his life for guilty sinners like me and you?” In a moment the fountains of the great deep were broken up. The heart of the man was touched. The big tears ran down his cheeks, and the bursting sobs seemed to convulse his frame. From that time he was a different man, and listened with interest to all that was said to him, while ever and anon he would exclaim, “To think of such a good and holy man, as I know him to be, putting himself on a level with me, and saying ‘Sinners like me and you’!”

“The Cleansing of the Leper” in The Miracles of Our Saviour (New York: Hodder & Stoughton, 1890), 119-120.

Do you put yourselves on a level with men, and say, “Sinners like me and you”?

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 10 February 2011 at 11:24

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  1. Absolutely.

    Jonathan Hunt

    Thursday 10 February 2011 at 13:58

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