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It was our privilege last week to spend a little time with Brian Croft, pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, and Ryan Bebee, who is working with Brian at the church and is also a student at SBTS. Brian is the author of Test, Train, Affirm, & Send Into Ministry and Visit the Sick (both from DayOne), and he blogs at Practical Shepherding. I would recommend these resources.

He had originally been planning something a little different, but – with a few days to go – his plans changed radically. Having mutual friends in Louisville, and having been in touch one way or another in a couple of small ways, we were able to help make the most of his visit, and he spent a couple of days with us at each end of his week in the UK. We were able to have him preach the Word of God on Sunday morning, and enjoyed a heart-warming and instructive sermon on Jesus’ sovereignty over sickness and death.

Brian has just added a few notes from his visit to his blog, and it is a pleasure to see my esteemed father honoured as he records some of the lessons learned:

I went to the United Kingdom to serve other pastors and Christ’s church.  Yet, in God’s kind providence, I feel I was served the most.  This came at the hands of a few older, seasoned, and faithful pastors who were in the trenches of pastoral ministry before I was born.  What a rare gift these men are to the church and I was able to sit at the feet of a few and learn. . . . [more]

For myself, it was sweet to have Brian and Ryan in our home, and to hear Brian preach, and to enjoy some delightful fellowship with these brothers (a lot of book talk too). I am looking forward to catching up with them, God willing, when I visit Louisville later this year.

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Tuesday 8 February 2011 at 23:15

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  1. […] can also read some of Jeremy’s thoughts on our visit by reading his blog post.  I would also commend his blog to any of you unfamiliar with Jeremy and his writing and preaching […]

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