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Kevin DeYoung provides a voice of sober reason and gracious warning concerning the highly esteemed C. S. Lewis:

C.S. Lewis was not an evangelical. Mere Christianity shows why. . . .

All that to say, yes, I have some cautions when it comes to Mere Christianity. Good book. But some serious deficiencies.

As with Bonhoeffer, discussed briefly here, many evangelicals – and I don’t think that this is solely an American phenomenon, but it is interesting that some of these are Europeans carried out of context: I wonder if European evangelicals do the same with American figures, or if it’s just something we all tend to do when we like something about someone? – are more than ready to remake such men in their own image. We must be careful both as a matter of historical integrity and theological clarity, not thoughtlessly embracing or promoting a man in whom the balance of tonic and poison (present in everyone) is evidently and distinctly skewed at prominent points. Kevin’s post shows us how to appreciate the good without skimming over the bad.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 4 February 2011 at 09:19

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