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July 2011: “The church at the crossroads”

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For those friends in, near or able to get to Louisville, Kentucky, in early July next year, may I recommend a three star conference?

The three stars are Bill Hughes, Stu Johnston and Jim Savastio. I will be cavorting along in the rear with the baggage. The conference is The church at the crossroads and will be held at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from Tuesday 5th July through Friday 8th July. All the detail is here.

Pastor Bill Hughes is a true British gentleman. With quiet panache and pastoral penetration he unpicks your soul in the course of his sermons, without histrionics bringing the Word of God powerfully to bear. To hear Pastor Hughes preach is to be taught to preach even as your soul is fed.

Pastor Stu Johnston I first met a good while ago: he was kind enough to drive me to an airport when I attended a small conference in his neck of the wood. A very gentle, gracious man with a great heart, Pastor Johnston preaches with an understated profundity.

Pastor Jim Savastio is an old family and church friend. We tried to wreck him some time in the eighties when he stayed in my parents’ home for a summer as a pastoral intern, but failed properly to derail him. Jim has a gift for illustration and for getting on well with people. He is an easy man to love, largely because of his love for others, and that makes him an easy man to hear.

I do not yet know what these three men will be preaching on, but – God helping them – their hearers will be in for a treat. I am looking forward to their preaching, and would encourage you to get there if you can.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Thursday 30 December 2010 at 10:43

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