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Help: which book?

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I hope to sit down in the not too distant future with a young person who is kicking quite hard against the goads. This person has a number of alleged reasons for rejecting what is understood by the person to be the gospel, including what are considered rational reasons, but there is also some spiritual tension present.

This intelligent young person would like (has agreed?) to read some books that raise these issues (not my suggestion), and is then willing to discuss those issues with me.

I should like to hit this on two fronts. I have some thoughts on good, current volumes that will raise and address some of the broader charges being made against the truth, but I also want to something positive to raise my own issues.

I am therefore looking for a good, pithy volume that will bring the gospel to bear in a way intended – under God – to instruct, challenge and enlighten. I can think of several older volumes intended for awakened sinners, as well as some that are designed to address cavils and challenges while presenting the truth, but I am not sure that that is where I am. However, something like Peter Jeffrey’s I Will Never Become a Christian might be a rather blunt instrument for this operation. While I acknowledge that there is plenty out there in this general area, I am not sure what is best for scratching this particular itch.

So, any thoughts?

What would you recommend? What have you used in similar circumstances to present the gospel simply, purely, and potently, with a view to salvation?

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 19 November 2010 at 13:24

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  1. Have never been in similar circumstances so hopefully someone with more experience will be able to chip in. A few months back I came across a small paperback by John Cheeseman on a friend’s bookshelves – Saving Grace. Contemporary and solid. Blanchard’s “Right with God”? possibly dated? There are plenty choices for advice for the awakened, but they’re largely incomprehensible to people who aren’t in that situation and so almost guaranteed to be counterproductive. Hope someone better qualified can offer more suggestions!


    Friday 19 November 2010 at 21:10

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