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Return of the Reformed rapper

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David Murray returns to the issue of holy hip hop to review comments received. He holds his line graciously and winsomely, accepting certain corrections and elucidations, but pressing home the same issues. He concludes:

We will never all fully agree on what is allowable for Christians in the four venues (see above). However, we will surely all agree that Christians should be challenging and learning from one another on what is sinful or holy, and what is wise or unwise in these four venues.

I am sure we do all agree on the desperate need of the inner cities (see this heart-rending article from yesterday’s New York Times), and on the long-term failure of the Church, especially the Reformed Church, to meet that need. Gospel Rappers are doing more than me in this regard at this time in my life, and in that I salute them.

And though I wish them to re-consider some of the means they are using (or at least the extent to which they are using them), I also need much more of the spirit of Philippians 1:18 when trying to evaluate their approach.

Those wrestling with this and related issues will do well to read and ponder the professor’s posts.

UPDATE: Shai Linne got in touch and went to chat with David Murray. Read how it degenerated into a terrible brawl here.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 17 November 2010 at 16:47

Posted in Culture and society

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