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Ryan McGraw gives us some stimulating thoughts on our reading of history, after himself reading The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism. His key contention is that we are better equipped to understand and appreciate the Puritans when we have a full-orbed view of them, not merely a narrow and sometimes overly-biased or myopic one. He concludes:

For my part, while I seek to benefit and to learn from history, I find that I am better equipped to do this in proportion to my knowledge of what actually happened, rather than viewing events entirely through idealized devotional literature. I do not mean to disparage such literature, but rather to supplement it with a more robust and full view of history.

The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism is a useful place to begin in order to better understand the origins, culture, development, and scope of Puritanism. The better you understand the Puritans and the national and international factors that made them who they were, the more your souls will profit from reading them.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 08:48

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