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Gary Brady begins a brief and interesting series on Alexander MacLaren (1826-1910) here:

This year sees the one hundredth anniversary of the death of the Baptist minister Alexander MacLaren. May 5, 1910, was the exact day of his death, at the age of 84. He died in Edinburgh, after a 65 year long ministry. He was born February 11, 1826, in Glasgow. Though of decidedly Scottish origin, he spent most of his life in England. . . .

In an age which has been charmed and inspired by the sermons of Newman and Robertson of Brighton, there were no published discourses which, for profundity of thought, logical arrangement, eloquence of appeal, and power over the human heart, exceeded in merit those of Dr MacLaren.

It is a stimulating series concerning a fascinating man, with his gifts and graces made known and the tensions of his faith and life revealed. Worth a look.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 08:45

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