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Solemn truth, deeply felt

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Let me ask what ought to be your thoughts concerning these solemn truths which I have delivered to you? I know what my thoughts were; they made me go to my bed unhappy. They made me very grateful because I hope I have believed in Jesus Christ; yet they made me start in the night, and wake this morning with a load upon me. I come here to say to you, must it be so that you will always remain unbelievers, and abide under the wrath of God? If it must be so, and the dread conclusion seems forced upon me, at any rate, do look it in the face, do consider it. If you are resolved to be damned, know what you are at. Take advise and consider. O sirs, it cannot need an argument to convince you that it is a most wretched thing to be now under the wrath of God. You cannot want any argument to show that it must be a blessed thing to be forgiven—you must see that. It is not your reason that wants convincing, it is your heart that wants renewing.

Charles Spurgeon, MTP 1913, Sermon #1012: “The unbeliever’s unhappy condition”

Solemn truths must be preached tomorrow, and solemn truths must be heard: heaven and hell hang in the balance, the fate of immortal souls depends on the outcome.

Preacher: does the thought that some of those who hear you are yet unsaved make you go to bed unhappy? Will the prospect of wrath make you start from your sleep? Will you wake in the morning with the weight of the truth a burden upon your soul?

If the truth about the lost does not trouble us, why should it trouble anyone else? In the words of Bunyan, we must preach what we feel, what we smartingly do feel.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Saturday 16 October 2010 at 14:12

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