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The glory and tragedy of the human spirit

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I heard on the wireless this morning that the Chilean miners are finally arriving on the surface after 69 days underground. To see them stepping out of that pod is quite a gripping spectacle. We see the dignity, determination, vigour, passion, drive, imagination, invention, and grit of humankind. We see love and hope and faith, after a fashion. We see much to commend, and much that makes us glad.

Here is man, made in the image of God, and we rejoice.

And then we hear the testimony of our leaders that this goes to show that when we are united, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

And it seems that no-one has yet learned the lesson of Babel, and we weep.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 13 October 2010 at 10:44

Posted in Current affairs

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2 Responses

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  1. You can SEE miners on your wireless?

    Jonathan Hunt

    Wednesday 13 October 2010 at 14:42

    • Well, I heard first, and therefore I found a place where I could also see. Thank you for the pedantry.

      PS I have also heard of some new-fangled wireless devices by means of which one is apparently able both to hear and see, even simultaneously. I think they are called thightops or something like that.

      Jeremy Walker

      Wednesday 13 October 2010 at 16:57

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