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The Westminster Conference 2010: “Standing firm: still Protestant?”

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God willing, the Westminster Conference for 2010 – “Standing firm: still Protestant?” – will take place later this year on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th December at the Whitefield Memorial Church in Tottenham Court Road, London.  The brochure will be mailed out shortly, but you can download a pdf copy here (or click the picture) which can be printed out and used for bookings.

The planned schedule for the conference is as follows:

Tuesday 7th December

  • The English Reformation today: revise, reverse or revert? (Garry Williams)
  • Puritan attitudes toward Rome revisited (Guy Davies)
  • The 1611 English Bible: an unlikely masterpiece (David Gregson)

Wednesday 8th December

  • Repentance and sola fide: various Reformed approaches (Sam Waldron)
  • Doomed from the start? The Edinburgh Conference of 1910 (Daniel Webber)
  • Andrew Bonar (Malcolm MacLean)

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 5 October 2010 at 22:18

By all means, consider chipping in . . .

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