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A Portrait update

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For those interested, progress continues on A Portrait of Paul (more information).

With regard to the volume itself, an intense period of editing resulted in a good few changes, but nothing major. The delightful editor was a joy to work with.  Typesetting continues apace, and the interior design looks clear and attractive. We do not have a date for publication yet, but I am informed that it is not far off.

With regard to distribution, we have a good spread of availability in the US, and we are working hard to ensure that the book is readily available in the UK, which looks likely. God willing, all three of you who would like a copy should be able to get one.

With regard to endorsements, my co-author continues to perform minor miracles in finding people who appreciate the book and encouraging them to provide positive reports. We have a generous video endorsement (more to follow on that in due course) and another written endorsement from Philip H. Towner, Dean of the Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship at the American Bible Society and author of The Letters to Timothy and Titus in the NICNT series:

As the diverse churches of the world have demonstrated throughout history, there is no better place to turn, when confronted with the complexities of pastoral leadership, than the Scriptures.  Each church in each generation must revisit this resource and view it anew through its particular historical, theological, cultural and political lens. The authors of A Portrait of Paul engage precisely in this task. With Colossians as their main laboratory, they probe the text and engage Paul in a conversation about pastoral ministry—its priorities, foundation, and potential—and a profile of pastoral mission and leadership emerges. All who read this book will discover an invitation to join this rich conversation and take away numerous fresh perspectives to challenge and shape their thinking.

To be frank, I was not entirely aware that this was what I had done, but I am glad that someone is ready to put it like that!

At the moment, orders can be placed with Reformation Heritage Books as well as Westminster Bookstore, Monergism Books, Christian Book Distributors (CBD), and Grace Books International.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Saturday 28 August 2010 at 08:37

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