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Psalm 58: “Do you indeed speak righteousness”

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Prodigal  8 6. 8 6. 8 8

Psalm 58
Do you indeed speak righteousness,
You mighty ones on high?
And do you judge with uprightness,
You men who soon must die?
No: from your wicked hearts there flows
A weight of violence and woes.

They turn against the Lord from birth,
And quickly go astray;
They rage and poison in the earth,
With lies in all they say;
Like serpents deaf, they stop the ear,
The charmers’ voice they will not hear.

O Lord, break out the lions’ teeth,
Defend their helpless prey;
Sweep them aside, their weapons sheath,
Their arrows cast away;
The wicked melt and are undone
Like stillborn child who sees no sun.

Our God will swiftly still their voice,
His storm of wrath come in;
The righteous humbly will rejoice
When God avenges sin:
Surely the righteous see reward,
And he who judges is the Lord.

Advance, our conquering Prince of Peace,
Hurl down each tyrant throne;
Let every rival kingdom cease,
And reign supreme, alone:
To multitudes grant liberty
From sin and sinners’ tyranny.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 13 July 2010 at 08:32

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