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Pillar New Testament Commentaries

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This won’t be of much use to our non-American readers, but we have enthused about these before.  The Pillar New Testament Commentary set has so far proved an excellent technical commentary, taking account of [most of] the best of what has gone before, and providing many helpful insights.  These are not the commentaries to which you turn for many applicatory insights, but they lay the foundation for such very helpfully.  With these Pillars supporting your study, you can do away with several lesser commentaries if you wish.

Why am I telling you this?  Because Peter T. O’Brien has just released his new Hebrews commentary in this series, and Westminster Bookstore (who do not ship overseas, hence the non-American disappointment) has partnered with Eerdman’s to offer a special deal both on this new volume and the rest of the series.  Until March 9th, they are offering O’Brien’s new Hebrews volume for 45% off of its list price.  At the same time, they are offering an extra 10% off of every Pillar volume’s already discounted price with a purchase of 2 or more (so if someone buys 2 Pillar volumes they will receive and extra 10% off of each).

So, if you want Hebrews by O’Brien at a good rate, and/or any other volumes in the Pillar series, now is the time to buy from Westminster.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 2 March 2010 at 16:29

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