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“How shall the mortal lip convey”

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Warrington  L.M.

How shall the mortal lip convey
The glory of the Lord Most High,
His radiance greater than the day,
Brightness unpierced by mortal eye?

How shall we praise our glorious King,
Give him the glory he is due?
Though age on age his praises sing,
Each generation fails anew.

How many prayers, and how much praise,
Should daily pierce the holiest place!
The joy of saints’ unnumbered days
Is gazing more upon his face.

Though helpless to complete the task
Of rightly praising God the Lord,
Yet every day more grace we ask
To sweeten each attempted word.

Lord, let that grace our hearts inspire
To praise the more, the more we see,
And stir up with a holy fire
Our whole redeemed humanity.


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Written by Jeremy Walker

Tuesday 16 February 2010 at 09:10

Posted in Hymns & psalms

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