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Reasons why some will not come to Christ

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Gary Brady, on one of his myriad blogs, outlines a sermon by Benjamin Beddome suggesting at least eight sinful reasons why some will not come to Christ.

  1. Some men will say they have no need to come to Christ.
  2. Others imagine they are already come to Christ; and the act being performed, they have no need to repeat it.
  3. Some previous engagement is another excuse which sinners make for not coming to Christ.
  4. Some say they have tried but cannot come to Christ.
  5. Others who are deeply bowed down in spirit, do not so much plead their inability, as their unfitness and unworthiness.
  6. Some stumble at the austerities of religion, and the dangers to which it will expose them.
  7. It is the fear of some that if they do come to Christ, they shall either be rejected, or dishonour him.
  8. Many who do not come to Christ now, purpose to do so hereafter.

Gary fills out the headings with Beddome’s good, sound, Scriptural sense.  Read it all.

Learn more of Beddome in this excellent book from Banner.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 7 September 2009 at 09:06

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  1. I bought that book recently! But I haven’t read it yet (still trying to work through my many other books!). Odd that you can find it at Westminister. Very rarely do they have books that relates to baptists.


    Tuesday 8 September 2009 at 18:46

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