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William Grimshaw - Living the Christian Life (Cook & Cook)Living the Christian Life: Selected Thoughts of William Grimshaw of Haworth by Paul & Faith Cook

Evangelical Press, 2008 (90pp, hbk)

This brief but excellent little book is well worth having in one’s library.  It opens with a brief explanation as to the nature, purpose and timing of the selection, and then there is a brief biography of this mighty man of God.  There follows selections from three of four surviving manuscripts of William Grimshaw’s sermons, dealing with the character of a Christian, the life of a Christian, and the experiences of a Christian.  These selections consist of generally very short excerpts from the sermons.  There is no obvious arrangement, so one presumes that they are recorded in the order in which they are found.  There is no lack of substance for such brevity of form.  Every so often the reader will be struck and stunned with the insight and penetration of a particular piece.  There is enough breadth and variety here that surely no saint with an eye to his own sanctification can read through without being hit hard and accurately in some necessary part of his life.  There will be rich encouragement, painful honesty, profitable counsel, clear instruction, and vigorous exhortation.

The only marginal disappointment lies in what may be missing.  I do not know the condition and format of the originals, nor of any difficulties with the manuscripts.  My personal preference, if it were possible, might have been to have the complete edited manuscripts of all four sermons made available.  Doubtless the editors and/or publishers had good reason for not going down this route, but I still wonder what I am lacking.  Nevertheless, Mr & Mrs Cook have done us a great service.

In short, if this is the richness of knowing in part, you will be left with an appetite for the character and life of William Grimshaw that will leave you looking for more.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Wednesday 19 August 2009 at 12:25

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